BSS101 Shower Bench Seat

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Typical Tiling Area (Sq. Ft.):  14
Tiling Difficulty:  Advanced (explanation)

The BSS101 Single Seat is a stylishly simple addition to any custom tiled shower. Made from expanded polystyrene (not styrofoam!), this shower seat is full of advantages including style and stability. Tiled shower seats are stronger than you'd expect! We invite you to view our photo and video demonstrations to see for yourself how incredibly strong White Matter products are - often exceeding expectations and boasting load-bearing capacities in excess of 350lbs! Precision cut and manufactured by our patented process, this tiled shower seat can be easily installed as-is or cut with a hand saw for that perfect fit. All White Matter products can be installed by professionals or the ambitious do-it-yourselfers. This bench is rated advanced on our tiling difficulty scale, and is a great compliment to any large shower or steam room application. This shower seat fits seamlessly into your tiled shower application - either as part of your initial shower installation/construction or retrofitted after the fact. With ample room to sit back, relax, and enjoy a luxurious shower, this shower seat is both comfortable and affordable. For persons with disabilities, shower seats offer convenience, comfort and safety all at the same time. We offer the most unique, cutting edge, and innovative tiled shower products the industry has ever seen! From standard block benches and single seats, to park style, suspended, and even steam shower loungers, you'll find over 50 White Matter designs to choose from! Our products are backed by a full lifetime warranty. If you don't love it- get a 100% money-back refund.