Custom White Matter Shower Kit
Complete With a Waterproofing System

Order exactly what you need for a watertight tiled shower

Tech Commercial Applications
Engineered for Your Project

Our substrate can replace mortar in virtually any application



Steam Rooms


Form Custom Shower Pans
Custom-Fit. Pre-Sloped. High-Density.

Any size, any shape, any drain location.


Handicap Access

Steam Showers




Shower Bench Strength Demo

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Installation Demo

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Product Strength Demo

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The Cool Part

You can be early, late, or in-between.

White Matter ® products can be your complete shower solution, from scratch - from the shower pan to the ceiling. Or, you can retrofit your existing shower with our fancy benches and shelves. Wherever you're at with your shower construction or renovation project, White Matter ® is ready.
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How to Buy

White Matter ® is sold online.

You can buy White Matter ® benches, loungers and shelves online through our online store. Custom ceilings and shower pans can also be ordered online through our special order form.
Order a bench, lounger or shelf online
Order a custom ceiling or shower pan