WS106 STAK Wall Shelf

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Sometimes a recess niche just doesn’t work. Our White Matter shelves can be installed on any wall, in any location, and come in over 50 designs! Easily trimmed to your exact dimension, or combined with each other to create your own design. Nothing on the market is more versatile or economical. The WS106 Wall Shelf is a fashionable addition to any custom tiled shower. Made from expanded polystyrene (not styrofoam!), this shelf is full of advantages including style and stability - with a load-bearing rating of over 70lbs. Precision cut and manufactured by our patented process, this shelf can be easily installed as-is or cut with a hand saw if necessary for that perfect fit. All White Matter products can be installed by professionals or the ambitious do-it-yourselfers. This shelf is one of our more advanced products to tile and is a great compliment to any shower or steam room application. The unique contour shape is a rare find and will add instant value to your tiled shower investment. Tiled shower shelves are perfect for applications that require a stylish centerpiece that also functions as a soap and shampoo caddy. We offer the most unique, cutting edge, and innovative tiled shower products the industry has ever seen! Our products are backed by a full lifetime warranty. If you don't love it- get a 100% money-back refund.