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Feature Benefits

  • Light, Tough, Durable
  • Stable And Load Bearing
  • Save Time, Labour And Money
  • Precision Cut For Flexible Application
  • Easy Installation For Pros and Do-It-Yourselfers

A Custom Solution for Shower Pan Challenges

custom shower pansWith our patented system, we can replace costly labour-intensive mud beds (mortar beds) with a custom fit, pre sloped, high density EPS shower pan or floor. Our substrate is designed to work with any positive side waterproofing system, and is easy and quick to install.

Mortar setting beds are not only extremely labor extensive, they are consistently unreliable. Since conventional shower pan liners are placed below the mortar setting bed, moisture is allowed to saturate the mortar bed, increasing the risk of leakage and efflorescence, and fostering bacteria and fungus growth.

All our products are made of expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam with a high compressive strength. They provide a convenient, lightweight, and stable substrate for any positive side waterproofing system (including the Schluter-KERDI waterproofing membrane). After the tile is installed and grouted, the assembly will support all the loads typical of tiled showers. This can include glass doors or glass block walls.

Need Some Inspirational Ideas?

Looking for unique or luxury ideas for your shower? Start by browsing pictures of our tiled shower benches and other tiled customer shower pans in the photo gallery.

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Samples of Our Custom Shower Pans

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Need a Curbless Shower Pan?

No problem! White Matter shower pans are custom manufactured to your precise specifications and can include ramps where necessary. Curbless shower pans make showers handicap-accessible and they're a breeze to install. Start by downloading the drawing form (use the form to illustrate the ramp) and then request a quote online for your custom pan or contact us for help.