Extremely Light, Tough And Durable

Custom EPS sloped shower pans, benches and shelving units are made of pressure-resistant expanded polystyrene (EPS), which is extremely tough and lightweight, providing a solid and stable substrate for application of waterproofing membranes. Built to stand the test of time, all products are custom-machined using high-density 2.5lb expanded polystyrene that won’t expand or contract under extreme humidity or temperature changes.

Ideal for residential and commercial applications, especially in areas subject to high-volume foot and wheelchair traffic — hotels, schools, healthcare facilities, and other institutional settings. Custom EPS White Matter offers the smart alternative — durable, lightweight, a snap to install... so tough you could drive a truck over it!

Protecting The Beauty More Than Tile Deep

The advent of EPS (expanded polystyrene) transformed the way tiling is installed and waterproofed. Now the Custom EPS patented system takes the process to a whole new level with custom-machined pans, benches and rounded moldings. Whether you’re a skilled expert or novice, our extensive line of quality products will make your job quick and easy, ensuring decades of durable beauty. This catalogue features many examples of our superb products. Keep in mind this is just a sampling — your unique vision is our made-to-order command!