Many Cuts Above The Standard

Standard EPS sizes and forms don’t adopt or conform to today’s creative array of designs. Custom EPS pans, benches and rounded mouldings are machine-milled to meet your exact specifications any size or shape you require! Drains holes are pre-cut precisely where you need them—no trimming or filling required. And all pieces are neatly boxed and speedily shipped, ready to rapidly interlock, install and waterproof, then cover with gorgeous stone or ceramic tile — it’s that easy!

Custom EPS pre-sloped, high density shower pans are custom-machined to any specification and are designed to work with any integrated shower system -- any size, any shape, no trimming required. Our custom benches are manufactured using high-density 2.5lb expanded polystyrene that won't expand or contract due to humidity or temperature changes and are prefabricated to exact sizes and shape specifications.